Buggy safari in Marmaris

Buggy safari in Marmaris gives you the opportunity to jump over hills, pass through streams and puddles. Create your own Buggy adventure the way you want! The Buggy car is very easy to drive, with the same ease it is pitted against off-road! Brighten up your holiday with bright unforgettable adventures!

Buggy safari in Marmaris

Buggy Safari in Marmaris is a great way to spend a weekend. Buggy safari is ideal for those who lacked new sensations and a quick off-road trip in the wild. Do not miss the opportunity to ride Buggy cars through wild, untouched nature!

Buggy safari in Marmaris price

 1 Passenger 13€
 1 Adult 25€

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Buggy safari in Marmaris with Tour Maris, you guarantee yourself the best and safest holiday on the entire coast. We have been engaged in tours for over 20 years and all the positive feedback from guests is an indicator of the ideal quality of work of all staff.

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Buggy safari in Marmaris DETAILS ABOUT THE TRAVEL

Buggy Safari in Marmaris is a great way to spend a weekend. Ideal for those who do not come across such indicators and fast off-road trips.


Buggy – This is a small, maneuverable vehicle designed for cross-country or off-road driving. It got its name because of its prototype "Volkswagen Beetle", which in Russian sounds like "Buggy". A rather unusual invention that has come down to us since the 50s of the 20th century. The car can reach speeds from 40 to 120 km / h, has a seat, steering wheel, pedals, and most importantly seat belts with 4 fixation points, as well as a fast speed design and a wide wheelbase that depends on its speed. This type of transport is safe, with control of the territory even for a person without driving experience. You can visit places where there were practically no people.

Buggy Safari

Buggy safari is a unique opportunity to contemplate the almost untouched corners of the wild. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to visit the buggy safari in Marmaris to experience the full range of emotions from this trip.

The buggy safari tour in Marmaris lasted four hours, and several such tours, so you can easily find a convenient time for you. After you get into your buggy car, the group will head to the disaster along mountain roads, accompanied by instructors.

Next, we will move closer to the river and climb the mountains again. It will also be for those for whom this trip is not enough, we suggest visiting Rafting in Marmaris, to get no less extreme emotions.

After the Buggy Safari in Marmaris ride through the hills, we will have a short break. The second part of the trip will pass through numerous pits, where there is a lot of dirt and sand. Open cars can accommodate up to two people, you do not need a license to drive, but for children from 10 to 16 years of age, parental permission is required to drive.

Our team guarantees you a safe and fun adventure. Also in the skiing area, there is a small cafe, a small market, and shops where you can buy memorable souvenirs. Do not bring sunscreen, toiletries, or swimwear.

Buggy safari in Marmaris Briefly about the trip

  • Transfer of guests from hotels
  • Arrival at the starting point
  • Information about the tour and information about the rules, instruction, training.
  • Test drive before the tour
  • The start of the buggy safari, which takes place in nature in the mountains in beautiful places
  • The total driving time is 1 hour and the time of the whole tour is 3 hours
  • Return transfer to the hotel

Buggy safari in Marmaris Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
10:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 16:00
Includestransfer in both directions. buggy rental, equipment, coaching, insurance
ExcludesPersonal expenses, professional photos and videos shooting
Recommendedclothes that do not be sorry to get dirty
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