Paragliding in Marmaris

Paragliding in Marmaris over the breathtaking landscapes of Oludeniz Bay from a bird's eye view will be remembered forever! Our company will take care of everything, you will only have to contemplate the beauty of the emerald mountains and the birch sea, fluttering in the clouds.

Paragliding in Marmaris

Skydiving in Marmaris is a unique opportunity to see all the beauties of the region from a bird's eye view. We offer you an excellent opportunity to visit Paragliding in Marmaris and get a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline with our company.

Paragliding in Marmaris price

 1 Passenger 40€
 1 Adult 180€

Why Tour Maris?

Marmaris Paragliding with Tour Maris guarantees you the best and safest holiday on the entire coast. Our company has been engaged in tours for more than 20 years and all the positive feedback from guests is an indicator of the ideal quality of work of all staff.

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Paragliding in Marmaris DETAILS ABOUT THE TRAVEL

Paragliding in Marmaris is an integral part of the vacation of thrill-seekers. Soar over the blue sea and emerald mountains like a bird, admiring the endless horizon – this is what shells like even lovers of a relaxing holiday.

Skydiving Marmaris

Skydiving in Marmaris will brighten up your vacation, I am my gift to myself. The most beautiful city of the Turkish Riviera, which is buried in a gorge of mountains, densely growing pines, and washed by the clearest blue sea, is at your fingertips during paragliding excursions in Marmaris. This type of leisure activity is suitable for both extreme lovers and nature lovers.


Paragliding is one of the most modern and easy-to-use flight units. Its cost is not expensive, and the level of security is very high. Weight is only about 10 kg, which opens up a lot of possibilities. He can reach speeds of 20 to 70 km/h, but envy in the language of time has the greatest superb need, which makes it feel like birds soaring in the clouds.

Paragliding in Marmaris Türkiye

Paragliding in Marmaris Turkey,an important excursion from Oludeniz, Marmaris, and Fethiye. During paragliding tours in Marmaris, you have reached the magnificent Oludeniz Bay from a high bird's eye view. For this flight, you do not need experience, because our instructors explain everything in detail and solve any issue. The altitude of movement by air is more than one kilometer, which allows you to view the surroundings in a way that is not appreciated by other routes.

If you still prefer a better experience, visit Rhodes from Marmaris.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the cost of paragliding tours in Marmaris includes: transfer in both directions, instructor services and equipment rental, and insurance for your health. attentive, guests who are even slightly intoxicated will not be allowed to fly.

Paragliding in Marmaris Briefly about the trip

  • Paragliding in Marmaris begins with Pick up tourists from hotels
  • Departure to Oludeniz Bay - one of the world's centers for paragliding, which is located 15 km from the city of Fethiye.
  • Arrival in Oludeniz - a real paradise for extreme lovers.
  • Safety and in-flight instruction from a qualified instructor.
  • Choosing a launch site depending on the weather and wind direction (there are several of them, of different heights - the highest is 1900m).
  • Preparing for the flight, putting on special equipment.
  • The flight takes place in tandem with a professional instructor certified by the Turkish Aviation Association. You just enjoy the picturesque. landscapes, the duration is about 30 minutes depending on the weather and wind (photo/video shooting is optional; paid separately).
  • End flight.
  • Landing on the beach at a designated landing area.
  • Rest.
  • Return to Marmaris hotels.

Paragliding in Marmaris Tour Details

Tour daysTuesday, Saturday
Tour hours
Includestransfer in both directions. coaching, equipment, insurance, flight
Excludesdrinks, professional photos and video shooting
Recommendedcomfortable shoes that do not subside, water, sunscreen
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