Terms and Conditions


The sale of Internet services from the site www.tourmaris.com TOMAST IN accordance with Article 172 of the Turkish Constitution, Consumer Protection Act 4077, the Regulation on the Sale and Provision of Services specified in skilled and corrupt centers, contacts for the implementation of services.


THE MARKET agrees to the terms of the tour and services, the cost and the way to pay. The initial performance information is made electronically.

MANS CONSUMERS has the right to change the date of service delivery, at no additional cost, notifying about it in at least 3 days.

THE CONSUMER is required to notify the AGENCY in writing of various complaints.

AGENCY is responsible for finding different solutions within the framework of the approach.

AGENCY is responsible to THE WORLD for the service.

AGENCY is liable to THE WORLD for damages and recovers damages if services do not comply with the contract.


MAN CONSUMER has the right to cancel the tour for at least 15 calendar days, with the return of the money in full (subject to prepayment).

MAN CONSUMER has the right to cancel the tour for 1 week (7 calendar days) with a refund of 50% of the amount spent (subject to prepayment).

THE CONSUMER has the right to transfer the tour to another individual 7 calendar days before the scheduled date. THE MARKET does not have the right to request cancellation in less than 7 days, all changes made by THE COMMENEM are not provided by the contract.

AGENCY has the right to cancel the tour partially or completely, if there are good reasons, provided it is possible to make changes in conjunction with THE PRICE in the terms of the tour. In the case of refusal to make changes - the cost of services is reimbursed in full (subject to prepayment).

AGENCY has the right to report information to THE PRESIDENT in person or in other ways by confirming this provision.


All contentious issues that may arise in connection with the implementation of the terms of the treaty are resolved through constructive negotiations between the parties. If it is not possible to reach agreement between the parties, the dispute is resolved in accordance with the law.

AGENCY reserves the right to change or cancel the tour due to circumstances of irresistible force (adverse weather conditions, terrorist acts, unforeseen obstacles on the road and technical difficulties). In such cases, the consumer is not entitled to disputes.

PARTIES give consent and accept all the terms of this contract.

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