Vip hamam in Marmaris

Vip хамам в Мармарисе (все включено) отлично подойдет для плавного и неторопливого расслабления. Лучше всего посетить знаменитую турецкую баню в начале отпуска или вернуться к процедуре немного позже, но при одном условии, что вы не обгорели на солнце, для комфортного пилинга и массажа.

Vip hamam in Marmaris

The VIP-hamam program differs from the usual one in the first place, by a huge number of additional procedures. After the main massages, you are given a rest time in which you can drink tea with Turkish delicacies. For a gradual and leisurely relaxation of the whole body, Turkish Hamam VIP (All Inclusive) in Marmaris is perfect. It is best to visit the Turkish bath at the beginning of the holiday.

Vip hamam in Marmaris price

 1 Adult 17€
 1 Children (4-12) 8€
 1 Infants (0-3) 0€

Why Tour Maris?

Vip hammam in Marmaris is carried out without a tiring check-in to shops and shopping. Convenient check-out time. Online booking without prepayment. Favorable cost of the tour due to the exclusion of intermediaries. Comfortable air-conditioned transfer. Individual service

after booking, we will confirm your order within 30 minutes

Vip hamam in Marmaris DETAILS ABOUT THE TRAVEL

Vip Hamam in Marmaris (all inclusive) is perfect for smooth and leisurely relaxation. It is best to visit the famous Turkish bath at the beginning of your vacation or return to the procedure a little later, but on one condition that you are not burned in the sun, for a comfortable peeling and massage.

Hamam in Marmaris

Hamam in Marmaris is popular with both tourists and locals. From the very beginning of the session, you will be offered a standard set of procedures, without which not one traditional hammam can do. First of all, you will be directed to warm up in the steam room, where the temperature will not exceed seventy degrees, which will be very comfortable for your body. Inhaling the smell of various essential oils in the VIP Hamam in Marmaris, you will perfectly clear your airways.

Next, you will be directed to a hall made of marble, laid on a heated stone, where the master start peeling and massaging with swollen foam. Then you will be escorted to the massage room, where you will be given this procedure with natural olive oil. Also for lovers of relaxation and a relaxing holiday, we have a good offer to visit Swimming with dolphins in Marmaris.

VIP Hammam Program

The VIP hamam program differs from the usual one in the first place by a huge number of additional procedures. After the main massages, you are given a rest time during which you can drink tea with Turkish delicacies. After you will continue the Turkish Vip Hamam program in Marmaris. You will go to the office, where you will get an excellent vitamin face mask and a therapeutic head massage. Next, the master of the Turkish bath will proceed to your legs and carry out a cleansing peeling with special fish. Garra rufa, or doctor fish is a small, no more than 10 cm long fish, it cleans keratinized and dead tissue with its strong lips. She has no teeth, so you don’t have to worry that the procedure will be painful or unpleasant. In addition, during peeling, a miniature healer releases special enzymes that promote skin healing. For a tangible, pronounced effect, you need to go through several sessions lasting 30-40 minutes, but even after one time you will feel noticeable lightness and have a good rest during the procedure.

Vip hammam in Marmaris is the best offer for relaxing body and soul. Experience true pleasure with us!

Vip hamam in Marmaris Briefly about the trip

  • Transfer of guests from the hotel in a comfortable car to the Vip Hamam in Marmaris.
  • Arrival at the hammam.
  • Even VIP hamams require standard procedures, which will be offered to you first.
  • Warming up the body in the steam room, time is not limited.
  • Menthol bath, accompanied by pneumonia, is also not limited.
  • You then end up in a beautiful section with a large marble stone in the middle, warmed up to a comfortable temperature, and look around comfortably on it.
  • The next stage of laying the Kese hull.
  • Foam massage with cotton bags, all the while you will be located on a heated marble table, which will be properly positioned to warm the body.
  • 20 minutes oil massage
  • This ends the standard procedures and begins the VIP program.
  • Applying a fortified complex mask to the face.
  • Light prophylactic scalp massage for 5 minutes. 
  • Treatment of the feet and cleansing of keratinized skin on the heels, and especially exfoliation with small Garra Rufa fish in the aquarium. The procedure is similar to a light tickle, after which your feet will be perfectly smooth.
  • Relax in the relax room with a cup of Turkish tea or coffee.
  • Return transfer to the hotel in a comfortable car.

Vip hamam in Marmaris Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
09:00 — 17:00
Includestransfer in both directions, .insurance, list of procedures according to the program, tea or coffee at will
Excludespersonal expenses, other types of massage that are not included in the program
Recommendedbathing gear, water on the road
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