Lovers Hill Icmeler

Lovers Hill Icmeler
2021-06-20 23:19:12
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Lovers Hill Icmeler

Icmeler Lovers' Hill is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature for a long time. The space is breathtaking. People come here to meditate, do yoga, have a picnic and just take a walk. There is a wonderful air here with mixed aromas of coniferous, citrus fruits and the freshness of the mountains. Take a loved one or a fascinating book with you to the hill of lovers. Engage in self-development or just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Icmeler the hill of lovers

Icmeler, the hill of lovers will give you the opportunity to take a break from the scorching heat in the summer, it’s cool here and you can spend all day. I am glad that the entrance here is free for everyone. You can come with the whole family. School-age children are quite capable of lifting. The hill of lovers is located on the outskirts of the village of Icmeler. From its height, you can see not only the coast of the resorts of the Aegean Sea, but also the Greek island of Rhodes. By the way, you can easily get there by booking tour to Rhodes, where you will walk through all the sights of the island with a guide from whom you will learn many interesting details.

Sights of Icmeler

The sights of Icmeler are mostly of natural origin. Dense, coniferous, emerald forests towering over the turquoise Aegean Sea – already captivate the spirit with their pristine beauty. But the hill of lovers in Icmeler is the place where you can take dozens of photos with a picturesque background, sit in silence, away from the noisy resort, think, dream, recharge your batteries and be in a good mood. An ideal place for a romantic walk or an evening promenade with the whole family.