Marmaris amphitheater

Marmaris amphitheater
2021-07-15 08:28:47
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Marmaris amphitheater

The roman amphitheater in Marmaris is located near the central city cemetery. It can be easily reached by city minibus. If possible, take a bike or scooter. In the heat it is always nice to ride with the breeze.

The ancient Marmaris amphitheater was built at the turn of the 5th-4th centuries BC. At the same time, the structure still looks great. The amphitheater was built in the open air in the shape of a semicircle. There is a large stage in the center, in the hall there are 2 tiers with sectors. Each tier has 22 rows of seats. Such a theater can simultaneously accommodate more than 30 thousand spectators. For maximum acoustic effect, a wall with grooves - arches runs along the top.

All these properties gave the amphitheater the opportunity to be not only an interesting historical site, but also be useful in the field of music and culture. Since the 70s of the last century, symphony concerts and other events have been held here.

It is interesting that the road to the amphitheater is no less picturesque than itself. Here you will fully experience the oriental flavor: counters with sweet nectarines and peaches, flowers falling from balconies, pomegranate and lemon trees. It's nice to spend another hour here, take beautiful photos and take a walk for your pleasure.

After such a walk, there is a desire to learn more about the history of ancient times. We invite you to travel to Ephesus from Marmaris. This is an inexpensive, but very interesting tour to the legendary city, the history of which you will see in every detail.