Paradise island in Marmaris

Paradise island in Marmaris
2021-06-28 09:17:07
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Paradise island in Marmaris

The Paradise Island in Marmaris is connected to the mainland by an isthmus called the Deceptive Strait. It has such a loud name because here it seems that there is a strait for ships, but in fact it is not. Paradise Island is known for its archaeological finds and stunning nature. Ancient houses, the city wall and the watchtower, which are located on a hill and are protected by the state, are well preserved here, but you can see them. And for this you need to go hiking, transport does not go there.

Sights of Marmaris

Sights of Marmaris are very diverse. The nature of the region is especially impressive. One of the visiting cards of the city is a paradise island in Marmaris. On this island, as in a protected area, there are many rare plants and animals. Dozens of beautiful butterflies live here, as in Fethiye. Travelers and history buffs are attracted by the Nimara Cave, where the skeletons of ancient people were discovered. They once lived in Mugla and the surrounding area. The road to the cave goes smoothly uphill. There are signs that will not let you get lost.

How to get to the paradise island in Marmaris

How to get to Paradise Island in Marmaris – for this you need to take the Dolmush from the new Tansage. The bus runs every 30 minutes. You will need to get to the final stop - Deceptive Strait.

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